Market Shadows Update (12/9/14)


New moves: Into tech withVMware, Inc. (VMW).  Still planning to dump Walmart and now adding VWM. Would have done that today but time slipped away from me.

The Virtual Value Portfolio was updated on Nov. 21.  The Virtual [Continue Reading]

And the “Worst Investment of the Year” goes to…

So far, and with not long to go, Quartz has named Bitcoin as the winner of "worst investment of 2014" award. 

There was plenty of ugliness to be found in the markets this year. Ukranian and Venezuelan sovereign debt. High-yield, energy-related corporate bonds. [Continue Reading]

Ask an Ex-Banker: Algorithmic Trading

By Michael Taylor of Bankers Anonymous

Dear Mike,

I spotted something on algorithmic trading on your blog, and finance and investment are a bit of a hobby of mine. I am sending you a press release about a Canadian trader who has worked out a successful trading technique based [Continue Reading]

Barron’s Couldn’t Find a Bear

That Barron's can't find a bear should be a little scary to any would-be contrarian…

Barron’s Couldn’t Find a Bear

Courtesy of 

Oh boy.

Barron’s is out with it’s 2015 [Continue Reading]

Will Crashing Oil Prices Change the Fed’s Course?

Weighing the Week Ahead: Will Crashing Oil Prices Change the Fed’s Course?

Courtesy of Jeff Miller, A Dash of Insight 

Sometimes a dominant story continues [Continue Reading]

Insolvent Scranton PA Pensions Rise 80%, Fire Fund to Run Out of Money in 2.5 Years; Bankruptcy Looms

Courtesy of Mish.

The city of Scranton hiked property taxes 57% and garbage collection fees 69% to shore up a police and fire pension funds that will run out of money anyway, in 5 years and 2.5 years respectively.

Amusingly (to outsiders) but certainly not to Scranton taxpayers, [Continue Reading]

Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira, Ukrainian Hryvnia Hit Record Lows; Global Currency Crisis on Deck

Courtesy of Mish.

As oil continues to slide so does the Ruble. Emerging market currencies have gone on for the ride as have the currencies of Eastern European countries, especially Ukraine. The Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira, and Ukrainian Hryvnia are at or near record lows.

Russian Ruble – RUB

[Continue Reading]

A Birds-Eye View Of Market “Herd Mentality”

Courtesy of Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,

The market is a giant living organism of human behavior and trying to predict what the market will do in two weeks, much less twelve months from now, is pure folly.

However, by looking at the price trends, and [Continue Reading]

Uber Had A Very Bad Day

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here.

Submitted by Tyler Durden.

While the world was stunned yesterday to learn of the latest hostage situation in Sydney, one company was seeking to capitalize on what – at least to the dozen or [Continue Reading]

Former SEC Attorney, James Kidney, Speaks Out on Court’s Insider Trading Bombshell

Courtesy of Pam Martens.

Today we welcome former SEC attorney, James A. Kidney, as a guest columnist to our front page. Mr. Kidney brings 25 years of SEC experience and wisdom to the conversation. Here’s the backdrop:

The U.S. Department of Justice has been burning through millions of [Continue Reading]

Tired of the Bears? Get Bearcrow!

Courtesy of Mish.

This is a non-economic comedy post, but I think you will enjoy it.

In the video below, I take a big swing at the Chicago Bears football team and secondarily Obamacare. Watch the video to see the tie-in.

Best Played Full Screen – Control in Bottom Right [Continue Reading]

Draghi About to Quit ECB?

Courtesy of Mish.

Rumor has it that Draghi is so fed up with German opposition to everything he wants to do with stimulus and sovereign debt bond buying that he is about to leave the ECB.

The Fiscal Times asks [Continue Reading]

Some Interesting Facts Regarding US Oil Supplies

Courtesy of EconMatters

Bearish Sentiment Priced In?

The futures contract for January 2015 has gone from $102 a barrel in July to $57 a barrel today, a $45 dollar a barrel discounting of price in less than six months. Much of this move is based upon [Continue Reading]

Fed Vice Chairman Shocked At Wall Street Influence After Jamie Dimon “Whips” Cromnibus Votes

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here.

Submitted by Tyler Durden.

"Boy, was I wrong," exclaimed Federal Reserve Vice-Chairman Stanley Fischer, "I thought that when Dodd-Frank started, that the banks would not succeed in influencing it, having lost all the prestige [Continue Reading]

Quo Vadis, America?

Courtesy of The Automatic Earth.

DPC Mott Street, Chinatown, New York 1900

Where are you going, America?

I don’t like to discuss politics too much. There are not enough smart, kind and honest people in [Continue Reading]

Well Played, Wall Street!

Courtesy of John Rubino.

So the markets are getting skittish and the media is obsessing about the many things that could go wrong out there. It’s like 2007 all over again, but with one big difference: Back then the mega-banks were reasonably sure the government would, if necessary, bail [Continue Reading]

Hugo Salinas Price Asks Mexico for Silver Coin to Calm the National Tantrum

Courtesy of Mish.

My friend, Hugo Salinas Price is on a mission to get Mexico to adopt a silver coin as legal currency. It's a mission I endorse 100%. His plea to the government in Mexico was written in Spanish but I asked Hugo for a translation.

In English, [Continue Reading]

Consumer Price Deflation for 15 Consecutive Months in Spain, CPI Now -0.4 Percent

Courtesy of Mish.

Spain is in the midst of consumer price deflation going on 15 months. Inflation is -0.4% and falling. El Confidential reports Deflation is Cast in [Continue Reading]

Week Ahead: Fed Meets amid Plunging Oil Prices

Courtesy of Marc To Market

The fundamental issue confronting investors is about supply and demand.  In recent weeks, as energy prices and other industrial commodity prices fell, investors focused on supply.  The stimulative effect of the fall in prices, and the likely policy response by some major [Continue Reading]

If They Only Knew How Little You Know

Courtesy of John Rubino.

Pretend, for a minute, that you’re a money manager in today’s manipulated world. You understand that most of what’s happening is the result of governments and central banks forcing down interest rates and pumping up asset prices. You don’t trust this process but since “the [Continue Reading]

Senate Passes The Cromnibus: Here Is Who Voted “No” And What It Actually Contains

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here.

Submitted by Tyler Durden.

Following the passage of the Crominbus on Thursday night in a last minute "nailbiter" when the Federal spending bill got just one vote more than the required majority, it was [Continue Reading]

The Fed Meets This Week Dealing with Alarming Bond Market Bubble

Courtesy of EconMatters

The Bond Market Bubble is Reaching Epic Proportions

The 10-Year Bond now has a Yield of 2.08% right before the all-important Fed Quarterly Meeting and Press Conference this Wednesday, the 10-Year basically lost [Continue Reading]

This Time May Not Be Different After All

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here.

Submitted by Tyler Durden.

A week ago, after seeing Barron's latest cover, we said : "This time is never different…. unless, of course, one acknowledges apriori that [Continue Reading]

The Two Brains of Trading: Toward a New View of Trading Performance

Are cognitive strengths more important than personality in determining trading success?

The Two Brains of Trading: Toward a New View of Trading Performance

Courtesy of [Continue Reading]

The American Consumer Calls The Top

Courtesy of The Automatic Earth

DPC “Grant’s Tomb. Rubber-neck auto on Riverside Drive, New York” 1911

Hey! Who said economics can’t be fun?! How is it not absolutely brilliant that in the face of a [Continue Reading]

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