What We, Wall Street, and Casey Anthony Have In Common – We Are “Normal”

Courtesy of Lee Adler of the Wall Street Examiner

Two types of people now constitute the majority of those at the top of  the corporatist structure- those who cannot distinguish right from wrong, and those who don’t care.  The rise of sociopaths to positions of power and control, the propaganda they preach, and the example they set has led to a society that no longer knows or cares about the difference between right and wrong. There are simply too many who do not know the difference or who know but do not care. In that context, the survey that found that a quarter of Wall Street bosses think cheating is necessary for success, is no surprise. And that’s just those who would admit it.

If the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes were to go out with his lantern in search of an honest many today, a survey of Wall Street executives on workplace conduct suggests he might have to look elsewhere.

A quarter of Wall Street executives see wrongdoing as a key to success, according to a survey by whistleblower law firm Labaton Sucharow released on Tuesday.

In a survey of 500 senior executives in the United States and the UK, 26 percent of respondents said they had observed or had firsthand knowledge of wrongdoing in the workplace, while 24 percent said they believed financial services professionals may need to engage in unethical or illegal conduct to be successful.

Sixteen percent of respondents said they would commit insider trading if they could get away with it, according to Labaton Sucharow. And 30 percent said their compensation plans created pressure to compromise ethical standards or violate the law.

via Many Wall Street executives says wrongdoing is necessary: survey | Reuters.

This degeneracy is the result of the 1981 corporatist coup in the US that the solidified the criminal corporate syndicate’s control of the government, leading ultimately to its infiltration and corrupting of other Western governments.

The corruption and obfuscation of moral values has led us to a place where we never prosecute financial criminality as long as it is perpetrated on a large enough scale by people at the highest levels of the criminal gangs who control the government. There is no broad scale societal revulsion at Wall Street’s behavior, because so many of us have engaged in similar behaviors of lying and cheating, and think that it’s ok or excusable if it advances our personal interests.

The machine’s propaganda and its leadership by example has led society to the point where lying and cheating are considered such normal behaviors that we find nothing wrong with it. Such behavior is so ingrained in our psyches as a regular part of everyday life that in the face of overwhelming evidence that she was responsible, we cannot convict a pathological liar of killing her child. We are able to see this pattern of deception and clear consciousness of guilt on the part of the accused as something we can relate to.  Therefore, if we might have lied like that, we can’t convict. It’s just normal behavior.

If 12 jurors could not convict Casey Anthony of a crime, then we certainly cannot prosecute the wrongdoing of the vast criminal networks that dominate and pollute our business, civic, and governmental institutions. We will slowly drown in a cesspool of lies, cheating, fraud, and manipulation, all the while never realizing that we have been brainwashed into accepting wrongdoing and evil as normal.

-Lee Adler 


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