Allan Trends: Did You See a Bear? (7/22)

Did You See a Bear?

(From Market Shadows Newsletter)

Allan Trends provides trading ideas based on Technical Analysis. Allan covers about 30 stocks, indexes and ETF’s, in multiple time frames, including Hourly Models in SPX and QQQQ for shorter-term analysis.

New Signals

SPX Hourly————->SHORT





Weekend Market Analysis

DJIA Daily w/EW


NASDAQ w/alternate EW


GS Wave 5 Target = 75-65


NFLX Target 45-25


BIDU Wave 5 Target = 60


So what’s with all of the charts to start off this weekend’s comments? Taken as a whole they paint a portrait of a very unhealthy market. That doesn’t mean it has to go down on Monday, or next week, or in the next month. In fact the trend models of the major stock indices are mostly Long. But it is not the picture of health. I think it looks like a market in transition from a three year rally to a long decline.

The mantra here is not to let such observations control trading decisions. For the most part, that has served us very well for the past two years. Yet a small piece of what I offer here is the tutelage of an experienced trader, trend models or not. Those charts above are not well. I just can’t imagine that there is anything but a downward spiral in store for the stock market. Take that for whatever it is worth.



USO – Crude Oil


SLV – Silver


GLD – Gold


DBA – Agriculture


DBC – Commodity Index


UNG – Natural Gas


UGA – Gasoline


Subscriptions to AllanTrends standard service are $100 per month. Click this link for a risk free trial to Allan’s standard service.  Try his premium service for more active traders.

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