Chris Hedges with Reminiscences of a War Correspondent

Jesse's Suggested Weekend Viewing: Chris Hedges with Reminiscences of a War Correspondent

Here is a slightly different look at Chris Hedges, as he discusses literature, journalism, and his memories as a war correspondent.

It has some remarkably good, sometimes poignant, moments and is well worth watching.

He has some hard words for Wall Street and the elite academic institutions that serve them en passant starting around minute 38.

I have also added a second appearance by Chris on the Bill Moyers show in which he discusses his more recent visits to American 'sacrifice zones.' 

Thanks to a reader from Delray Beach for letting me know of it. Le Café is blessed with the abundant contributions of many readers, members of the invisible community of those who care for the things of the mind and the spirit, from all around the world.

They are a joy and a consolation for us all.

And I have included a third video in which Chris and members of Occupy debate the imperative of non-violence, agents provocateurs, and the 'Black Bloc' movement.

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