Greek Deposit Plunge Continues as Tax Inspection Finds Every Business on Zakynthos Broke the Law

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On one hand we have Mario Draghi promising he has a magic wand (not a printer – remember the keys to that are now held by Angela Merkel who is on vacation) and to "believe him" that the EUR will survive. On the other we have Greece which is a poster child of everything that is wrong in Europe. And that we summarize as follows: i) an epic and now relentless deposit outflow from Greek banks which continues as all trust in the local banking system is now gone, as €7 billion in deposits or the second biggest amount ever, is pulled and 20% of the entire corporate and household deposit base has vaporized in the past year, and ii) an economy in which it is every man for himself and where nobody pays any taxes any more, period. Best of luck in preserving that EUR Super Mario.

Here is the just released move in June deposits in Greece:

And a quick story on which Greece will never be fixed no matter what magic Draghi and Potter concoct between them:

The Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) on Thursday reported that six in 10 businesses inspected at popular tourist resorts were not issuing sales receipts, and that of the 1,410 checks conducted in July, 57.1 percent found business owners to be in breach of the law.

SDOE officials said that they recorded a total of 22,435 infringements during their sweep, and that their efforts will continue throughout the summer.

In Zakynthos in the Ionian and Rethymno on Crete, every business inspected was breaking the law, while on the islands of Paros and Myconos, 70 percent were avoiding taxes.

No deposits, and no tax revenues: thank you Germany.

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