Is Global Trade About To Collapse? Where are Oil Prices Headed? A Chat with Mish

Courtesy of Mish.

Last week, I agreed to do an interview on OilPrice.Com. The initial interview was conducted over the phone, with follow-up emails.

The interview first appeared on OilPrice and is repeated below.


As markets continue to yo-yo and commentators deliver mixed forecasts, investors are faced with some tough decisions and have a number of important questions that need answering. On a daily basis we are asked what’s happening with oil prices alongside questions on China’s slowdown, which commodities or instruments will provide safety in the current environment, will the Euro-zone split in the future and what impact the presidential election is going to have on the economy and markets?

In the interview, Mish discusses:

• Why global trade will collapse if Romney wins
• Why investors should get out of stocks and commodities
• Why we have been oversold on shale gas and renewable energy
• Why oil prices will likely fall in the short-term
• Why the Eurozone is doomed
• Why there may soon be an oil war with China
• How government interference is ruining the renewable energy sector
• Why we need to get rid of fractional reserve lending With oil prices now in the high 80’s and news out of Europe getting worse every day, do you expect prices to stay in this range, or do you see them dropping in the short term?

Mish: There are two conflicting forces here. One of them is oil prices over the long-term and the other is oil prices over the short-term.

Even in the short-term you will find there are conflicting forces at play. For example, stress in the Middle-East puts an upward pressure on oil prices. However, economic problems in Europe, a slow-down in Asia and a slow-down in the United States put downward pressure on oil prices. New orders are falling at a staggering rate across the board in Asia, China, Japan, Europe, and the United States which also puts further downward pressure on oil prices.

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