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Tuesday Market Analysis

Here are a few charts that illustrate past, present and likely future of prices in the days ahead.

The SPX Daily has an intriguing channel that began in early June. Prices came close to the top channel line today and reversed back down. As the hourly chart shows, the reversal was not enough to turn the Hourly Trend Model down, but it’s worth watching tomorrow.

SPX Daily – Intermediate Trend

SPX Hourly – Short Term

For the time being the Weekly Trend Model (not shown) is just 2 points into “Long-Pending” mode, making the next three days critical to both the Long and Short Term Trend Models.

VXX Hourly

VXX was up over 3% today despite the market gains. VXX closed in after-hours trading at $12.25, just 20c below it’s Reversal_Long price threshold.

Now for the craziness: PCLN reported after the close today and it’s stock is down over 100 points in after-hours:

PCLN After Hours Quote

If it stays below 592 (currently at 575) it’s Weekly Trend Model will be in Short_Pending mode:

PCLN Weekly Trend Model

That can’t be good……..

……..speaking of which:

FB 30 Minute Trend Model

Finally, push is coming to shove in SLV.  Either it stops here, or, triggers Long:

SLV Daily Trend Model

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