Allan Trends: Don’t. The Trend is Unkind.

NOTE if you happen to stumble on an old post from Allan Harris:  I no longer support Allan Harris of Allan Trades. He has cut off communications with me and owes me a significant amount of commissions for helping him market his system. He knows this, but it is impossible to contact him about his horrid behavior and lack of integrity.

I believed his system worked well based on the charts he shared with me but he never followed through and substantiated in real-time that his claims were accurate, even though I asked for him for a track record to share with readers.

But most importantly, however, Allan refuses to honor his agreements and reneges on deals AFTER profiting off other people’s work. Allan, who calls himself “All Allan” (his sole focus), is not someone I would ever make an agreement with again.

This is the “Allan Harris” to clarify: There are a number of people who share his name.



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