Don’t Trust Brokerage Research Reports

Don’t Trust Brokerage Research Reports – Latest Example

Courtesy of Dr. Paul Price, Beating Buffett

Further Proof:  You Can’t Believe Brokerage Research

Brokerage analysts are always looking for an edge to show they offer ‘value-added’ information. If you’re not paying strict attention you might think they did. Here’s yet another example of how the cheating occurs.

Sterne, Agee & Leach made a bold call early Wednesday morning. They predicted Jos. A. Bank’s (JOSB) earnings would rise and they loved the shares at the current $41.63 price. As Will Shakespeare’s Hamlet once said, “Ay, there’s the rub.”



As it turned out, JOSB had already reported, and Reuters had broadcast JOSB’s much better than expected earnings and same store sales. Their shares were up 13.5% in premarket trading.




JOSB had a gap opening at $48.00 – up $6.37 or + 15.3% from Tuesday’s close. Nobody could buy the stock today at anywhere close to the price where Sterne, Agee & Leach will take credit for putting on their recommendation.

Anyone silly enough to act on their research blurb by buying at the open was down 1.17% by 4 pm.

Why did Barrons lend their good name to this deceptive press release?

The day’s range was $47.29 – $49.48 with the intra-day low coming with just minutes to go. The chart speaks for itself.



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