Greenspan’s Body Count Shows Up on Naked Capitalism

Greenspan's Body Count Shows Up on Naked Capitalism

Courtesy of Jr. Deputy Accountant

 A JDA original: Freddy Greenspan

I'm beyond honored that WC Varones has allowed me the opportunity to update the layout and serve as unofficial webmaster for Greenspan's Body Count, which includes updating our Facebook presence and hunting down links related to Greenspan's casualties in his wake.

So when we ended up on Naked Capitalism, I have to say I was sort of extra honored. Or moved. Or touched. Or whatever. Too bad there are dead bodies involved: 

Every week, it seems there’s another tragic story about a suicide or murder-suicides linked to foreclosure trauma. Some of the more spectacular murder-by-foreclosure stories the past few years have been collected by a blog called “Greenspan’s Body Count”—others, myself included, have been writing about these terrible stories of class warfare being waged by the only side fighting it, and winning it, as Warren Buffett rightly said.

Before the 2008 crisis, the media paid little attention to the death toll taken on Americans by the decades-long class warfare waged against the 99%. Now they’re impossible to ignore. Stories like the US soldier in Iraq whocommitted suicide so that his wife could collect life insurance, and save their family home from foreclosure. Or the courtroom-suicide in Phoenix, in which a Yale-educated banker-swindler swallowed a cyanide capsule after being found guilty of setting his 10,000 sq foot McMansion on fire as a way of collecting insurance and evading mortgage payments he couldn’t afford.

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