Low-calorie diet may not prolong life: study

I'm wondering why longevity was not affected but a number of life-shortening diseases were. ("Those on the calorie-restricted diet had a lower incidence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer than the rest,… "However, these effects did not translate directly to a beneficial effect in longevity"…) This study doesn't answer the questions. It suggests that the results seen in mice may not apply to us. What do you think? ~ Ilene

Low-calorie diet may not prolong life: study (via AFP)

A low-calorie diet boosts health but does not prolong life, at least not in rhesus monkeys, scientists reported Wednesday in a new study into a long-held link between food restriction and longevity. Spanning 23 years, the research found monkeys that ate fewer calories than non-dieting counterparts…

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