Greek State Tries to Stem Neo-Nazi Rise; True Finns Surge in Election Polls

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Euroskeptics have surged once again in Finland according to reader JT who writes …

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The message of the True Finns, the Finnish anti-bailout, anti-euro party in the local elections is crystal clear: They do not think it makes any sense to cut local services due to budget deficits and at the same time, shovel billions to bail out Southern Europe.

That message is resonating. According to the latest poll, True Finns are going to more than triple their support, going from about 5% to at least 17%. Final numbers could be even higher due to the fact that the polling company, Taloustutkimus Oy, is owned by a member of the largest party, Kokoomus (National Coalition in English), and his polls have consistently underestimated True Finns popularity.

Will anything change even if True Finns win big? Probably not. The six other governing parties have not changed their policies at all despite the popularity of True Finns.

Here is the link to the surge of the True Finns. You can probably google translate it. JT

True Fins Become Giant in Municipal Elections

Via Google Translate of the link sent by JT, please consider True Fins Become Giant in Municipal Elections

Yle News fresh municipal election survey, the basic Finnish vote for 17.2 percent of the respondents, and the party treble the last municipal elections, voting prey. The biggest loser would be center, but would have to lose all the other parties except the Greens.

The True Finns has risen from the previous, August AWARD measurement of almost one and a half percentage points.

The National Coalition Party is still the most popular by 21.5 per cent. SDP was measured at 19.9 and 15.9 per cent in the center of the readings. August SDP has risen by 1.2 percentage points. The Conservative Party’s popularity has dropped to 1.2 and 0.7 percentage points of the city center.

Finland Polls

KOK – National Coalition Party…

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