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Allan Trends Weekend Update

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New Signals

SPX Hourly Trend Model————–>LONG (hourly charts are specifically for day-trading)

TJX Daily Trend Model——————>SHORT

GS Weekly Trend Model—————–>LONG

Weekend Market Analysis

Is there any reason to not trade this model, or for that matter, to trade only this model?

[click on charts to enlarge]


VXX Trend Model & XIV


Boredom would be one reason. In over three months, there has only been a single trade. The success of this model is especially satisfying because it represents a refusal to heard, to graze in the crowd of the nasayers who complain that volatility (VIX, VXX, XIV) is a rigged game, only useful as a hedge, or a very short-term trade. What our algorithm says is a trend is a trend, whether it be in volatility, stocks, precious metals or entrails. Trend following is a just too simple minded approach to trading to garner much respect from most market technicians.

For me, the less lines and noise on the chart, the better I see what is really happening.

SLV & GLD Daily Trend Models

Silver and Gold are quickly becoming my second favorite trend models. As I suggested so many times, precious metals are some of the best trending commodities and both SLV and GLD have provided excellent trends to participate in this summer. Going into fall, they are both still Long, but look at all of that air between price and the trend line. That space may need to get filled before another leg up.

As for the indices, let’s take a look at the performance of the Dow over the summer:

DJIA Daily Trend Model


What strikes me most about this chart are the two excellent trend signals. But also note how well the trend line provided support and/or entry points all of the way up. That also suggests that should that trend/support line ever get broken, we could be looking at a sizable decline. As always, the system will have us Short just after that decline gets going.

The summer rally in stocks is mirrored by summer rallies in commodities, particularly DBC and USO. As is apparent in the their respective charts below, the times they may be a-changin’.


DBC & USO Daily Trend Models


The trend models highlighted in this issue constitute a core portfolio, well diversified and still manageable on a day-to-day basis. VXX/XIV for volatility and simply just stellar results, DJIA for stock market direction, GLD/SLV for precious metals (and global financial uncertainties), DBC for a basket of hard assets and USO because crude oil is such an integral part of world economies. Not that the other trend models should be dismissed, but if I were starting this service now, I would be very tempted to go with just these models and of course, up the subscription price to compensate me for the simplification. There is some logic in there……somewhere.


Weekend Trends Table

Sep 22, 2012

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