Charting Errors in BLS Participation Rate Projections

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The following graph plots labor force participation rates by BLS economist Mitra Toossi in November 2006 with new projections for the participation rate as of January 2012:

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Chart Data

Mitra Toossi in November 2006: A new look at long-term labor force projections to 2050
Mitra Toossi in January 2012: Labor force projections to 2020: a more slowly growing workforce

I asked Doug Short at Advisor Perspectives to plot the difference as a follow-up to my post About That “Expected” Drop In Participation Rate.

As you can see, the participation rate is plunging even faster than the recent January 2012 projections.

Date Value 2006 Estimate
1/1/2006 66.2 66.2
1/1/2007 66.0 66.1
1/1/2008 66.0 66.1
1/1/2009 65.4 66.0
1/1/2010 64.7 65.9
1/1/2011 64.1 65.8
1/1/2012 63.7 65.6

76% of Decline In Participation Rate Since 2006 Was Unexpected

The current participation rate is 63.7. In 2006, Toossi estimated the participation rate would be 65.6, a drop of .6 percentage points from 66.2. Instead, the participation rate fell by 2.5 percentage points.

Mathematically, 76% of the decline since 2006 was “unexpected” (1.9 of 2.5)….

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