25 Years Later: Dow's Biggest Loser (And Winner)

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Submitted by Tyler Durden.

Of the current stack of 30 'Blue-Chip' stocks that comprise the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Alcoa has managed to do the worst over the past 25 years – gaining a cumulative 63% in the last 25 years (or 2.2% annually). The Dow itself, based on Bloomberg's Chart of the Day, has risen 627% since the crash in 1987 (or 8.6% annually) – almost 10x that of Alcoa; while McDonald's (perhaps perfectly summarizing what America is all about) has risen on average 12.8% per year for a 1620% gain since Black Monday. But who has impacted the Dow the most since its highs in October of 2007? (Hint: they disappointed this week!)

The best and worst performer (among current Dow members – avoiding the BKs!) since the 1987 crash…


But perhaps most importantly – the Dow is around 850 points from its intraday highs in October 2007 – and of the members of the Dow at that point AIG and C did the most damage (accounting for 870 points of loss on their own); while IBM has been the true star adding a magnificent 568 points during that time.


We can only hope that IBM, MCD, and WMT do not start to disappoint…oh wait…


Charts: Bloomberg

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