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Russia Launches Surprise Large-Scale, 36 Warship Military Exercise In The Black Sea

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. Many were wondering what Russia's response to Germany's deposit confiscation drill in Cyprus would be. The confusion was moderated somewhat after it was uncovered that the very Russians who were supposed to be punished, have been able to withdraw some or most of their […]

Shorting Stocks On These April POMO Days May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. It's that time of the month again when, with little fanfare, the NY Fed discreetly discloses on which days of the upcoming month shorting is unadvisable, because on the other end of every sale or short will be none other than Kevin Henry & […]

David Covers His AAPL Short

David of All About Trends mentioned that he was shorting AAPL in this weekend’s Market Shadows newsletter. Today, he covered his short position in AAPL. Following up on his short trade idea, he sent this to his subscribers and to us: All About Trends  SHORT SELL Locking In Gains Trade Trigger Alert: AAPL March 28, 2013   Given that […]

Youth Unemployment Rates: US, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Greece; Where to From Here?

Courtesy of Mish. Here are some unemployment charts I put together via Ycharts. Youth Unemployment Rates US vs. Europe Spain and Greece have youth unemployment over 50%. Germany, at 7.9%, has the only youth unemployment rate under 10%. US has second-best 16.8%, nothing to brag about except in relative terms. Unemployment Rates US vs. Europe […]

Federal Spending Sequester Crushes Jobs- Biggest Jump in Unemployment For This Week Since 1996

Courtesy of Lee Adler of the Wall Street Examiner First time unemployment claims put on their worst performance for this week of March in the past 17 years. The Labor Department reported that the seasonally adjusted (SA) representation of first time claims for unemployment rose by 16,000 to 357,000 from a revised 341,000 (was 336,000) […]

Fallout From Cyprus: Increasing Unease

Courtesy of Larry Doyle. The island nation of Cyprus today implemented a set of capital controls within its banking system so as to forestall a “run on its banks.” Having had a number of conversations with individuals since the onset of this meltdown in Cyprus, the consistent theme among people with whom I have spoken […]

When It Comes To Wall Street, All the Devils Are Still There

Courtesy of Pam Martens. (This column, with updates, runs periodically at Wall Street on Parade. Please consider emailing it to friends and family members.) Yesterday, while at the grocery store, I noticed a large, attractive display of unused hardcover books with a big sign reading: “3 for $10.” As I drew closer, my eye fell […]

Rational Reason to Panic; Hot Money Blues; Right for the Wrong Reasons

Courtesy of Mish. The first rule of panic is simple: “Panic before everyone else does.” With that rule in mind, the pertinent question at hand is also simple: “Should I panic now?” For those in Europe, I offer an emphatic “Yes!” One is foolish at best to keep more than 100,000 euros in any European […]

A Little Strategy, a Little Action

Here’s the latest newsletter: A Little Strategy, a Little Action, 3/24/13 Strategy: Averaging down in a quality company has been a successful market technique according to recent evidence. However, a prerequisite is that you don’t overweight your portfolio with an outsized initial position. “During the year, 100% of the DJIA companies traded below their annual peaks. […]

Cyprus Bailout Needs Rise By €2 Billion As Conditions Deteriorate Rapidly

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. A week of closed banks, depositor angst, and economic malaise is creating an increasingly vicious circle for Cyprus (and implicitly the European Union). As Die Welt notes, because the economic data of the tiny 'irrelevant' island could be considerably worse than previously thought (or […]

Europe Has A Crisis — And It’s Much Bigger Than Cyprus

Europe Has A Crisis — And It's Much Bigger Than Cyprus Courtesy of Joe Weisenthal, Business Insider   REUTERS/Christian Hartmann   In a way, Europe should be thrilled by the week that was because financial markets barely batted an eye at the crisis in Cyprus. But Europe has a problem on its hands that's bigger than Cyprus: […]

A Safe and a Shotgun or Publicly-owned Banks? The Battle of Cyprus

A Safe and a Shotgun or Publicly-owned Banks? The Battle of Cyprus Courtesy of Ellen Brown, Web of Debt If these worries become really serious, . . . [s]mall savers will take their money out of banks and resort to household safes and a shotgun. – Martin Hutchinson on the attempted EU raid on deposits in Cyprus banks […]

The Retirement Crisis Is Here For Millions-Income Inequality Now Set To Wreak Its Ugly Revenge

The Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI) has today released its report highlighting the intense state of insecurity American workers are experiencing as they look forward—with ever increasing trepidation—to a retirement without sufficient money to see them through. According to the data, American workers have very good reason to be afraid. Per the survey conducted by EBRI, […]

When Do We Call It A Solvency Crisis?

When do we call it a solvency crisis? Courtesy of Michael Pettis This post is extracted from my newsletter sent out four weeks ago, at a time when the mood in Europe was much better than now and when there was even a sense that the crisis was in the process of being resolved. I […]

On the Circus in Europe

The Circus Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. By Bruce Krasting I'm flabbergasted that Cyprus is the cause of the circus in Europe. Cyprus was an avoidable problem in my opinion. That view is supported by the fact that all of the words, actions (and threats) by the deciders in Northern Europe have been […]

Reader Asks “Where’s the Money?”

Courtesy of Mish. Reader Robert at Americans for Limited Government asks an interesting question. Robert writes … Hello Mish We are led to believe that taxing Cypriot deposits in the amount of 5.8 billion euros will make the banks solvent. I have a question: Why the need for capital controls after “recapitalization”? How can deposits […]

Sheila Bair with Bill Moyers: Big Banks’ Greed and Impunity

Sheila Bair with Bill Moyers: Big Banks' Greed and Impunity Courtesy of Jesse's Cafe Americain   

Liquidity Sufficient to Keep Bid In Treasuries AND Prevent Stock Selloff

Liquidity Sufficient to Keep Bid In Treasuries AND Prevent Stock Selloff  Courtesy of Lee Adler of the Wall Street Examiner Trends for next week: The haircut to be administered to bank depositors in Cyprus, not yet finalized as of this writing, has again tilted the playing field to drive foreign capital into the US Treasury […]

Russian Billionaire in Exile Boris Berezovsky Commits Suicide – The First Cyprus Casualty?

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. Just your ordinary run of the mill Russian billionaire oligarch in exile who had so much money he was terminally depressed… or just the opposite, and the first tragic casualty of the Cyprus capital controls which are about to eviscerate a whole lot of […]

Former Cyprus Central Bank Head And Senior Fed Economist: “The European Project Is Crashing To Earth”

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. Back in August 2011, one of the most prescient European (ex) central bankers, Cyprus' very own Athanasios Orphanides was optimistic, but with a caveat: "I am optimistic that with the right actions and effort by all we will pull through this," Orphanides told reporters […]

Cyprus Deposit Levy Vote Delayed, Will Go “Down To The Wire” As Up To 70% Deposit Tax Contemplated For Some

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. While GETCO's algos were poised to set off a buying tsunami yesterday the millisecond a flashing red headline hit Bloomberg with even the hint or suggestion that Cyprus is fixed, we said to sit back and relax because Cyprus "will get no resolution today, […]

Is The Government Lying To Us About Inflation? Yes!

Is The Government Lying To Us About Inflation? Yes! Courtesy of JOHN MAULDIN In today’s Outside the Box, Gary D. Halbert (my old and very dear friend and former business partner of many years) reminds us about a few significant facts concerning the Consumer Price Index (CPI) that mainstream economists and the media tend to ignore. […]

Regrets Pour In; Cyprus Parliament Passes Bailout Plan; Will Her Highness Approve?

Courtesy of Mish. The Cypriot parliament passed bailout measures today, but they are not quite the measures that Her Highness, Angela Merkel approves. They are not measures Cypriot citizens will approve of either. Let’s take a look at the present state of blackmail, as passed by Cyprus and reported by the BBC. MPs in Cyprus […]

Chris Martenson Warns “Market Risks Today are Higher than Ever”

Courtesy of Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity After the shot across the bow in 2008, you might have expected that regulators and market participants would use the experience to change for the better, to become more prudent, and to reduce the sorts of risky behaviors that almost crashed the entire system. Unfortunately, you'd be wrong. LTCM […]