Virtual Portfolio Updates: April 14, 2013

Virtual Portfolio Updates: April 14, 2013

Market Shadows’ Value Portfolio touched an all-time high last Thursday before settling back slightly on Friday. Our original $100,000 portfolio has grown by 15.9% to $115,908, including dividends. Our annualized rate, not quite six months from our Oct. 26, 2012 inception date, is currently 34.2%.

The benchmark S&P 500 has gone up by 13.7% (+29.4% annualized) in total returns over the same period. We are outperforming the index by 16.2% so far.

We gave $12,750 or 11.0% of our total portfolio value in cash reserves. We initiated no buys or sells last week. Details of our Virtual Value (Stock) Portfolio are here.

Our Virtual Put Selling Portfolio is also progressing well. Thirteen of 13 positions would be profitable if the puts were exercised today. Six puts are clearly out of the money with the stocks at current prices. (That’s good for put sellers.)

One of our January 2014 short puts is likely to be closable soon for just pennies a share. A takeover of LIFE appears to be pending according to the headline released today:


LIFE deal (2) 


The Lab Corp (LH) May 2013 $87.50 strike put looks good to expire next month with Lab Corp shares now at $94.36.

See Market Shadows’ put writing record/open positions by clicking here. 


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  1. LIFE agreed to TMO’s $76 per share buyout bid today.

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