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The Most Stinging Indictment Of Wall Street Bankers We’ve Read In A While

This Reuters Editorial Is The Most Stinging Indictment Of Wall Street Bankers We've Read In A While By Linette Lopez of Business Insider Banker bashing as it was in 2008 and and 2009 has largely passed. Politicians don't refer to financiers as "fat cat banker," journalists aren't depicting banks as giant sea predators, and no one is […]

Economic Storm Clouds Ahead

What is unsustainable, can't go on.  None of this gloominess today has anything to do with the stock market. (Don't be fooled by the false economic recovery, Consumer Metrics Institute: “Is it 2007 once again?".) There's economic reality and there's money from the Fed – only one is having a substantial effect on the stock market.  […]

You Are About to Become Obsolete; Perhaps You Already Are (But You Don’t Realize It Yet)

Courtesy of Mish. A friend of mine sent a thought provoking link to a book-in-progress called Robots Will Steal Your Job But That’s OK. The author, Federico Pistono, periodically writes a new chapter and I just signed up for updates. The introduction caught my eye. Introduction You are about to become obsolete. You think you […]

Don’t be fooled by the false economic recovery

No reason to put any weight on consumer confidence numbers. A fake recovery can look like a recovery until it doesn't… Don't be fooled by the false economic recovery  By Heidi Moore, After five years of unemployment, government deficits and financial struggle, every American wants to call it a recovery and call it a […]

The Student Loan Delinquency Rate In The United States Has Hit A Brand New Record High

The Student Loan Delinquency Rate In The United States Has Hit A Brand New Record High Courtesy of Michael Snyder, Economic Collapse   37 million Americans currently have outstanding student loans, and the delinquency rate on those student loans has now reached a level never seen before.  According to a new report that was just released […]

South Korea Is Latest To Suspend US Wheat Imports In Aftermath Of Monsanto Rogue Wheat Discovery

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. The global Monsanto genetically modified wheat scandal is getting worse. As a reminder, recently news broke out that a rogue genetically modified strain of wheat developed by Monsanto, had been found in an Oregon field late last month. But while modified food has long […]

Bad Weather in France to Blame For …

Courtesy of Mish. Courtesy of my friend Bran who spotted these weather related anomalies in France. Via Google translate, it appears that French economists blame the weather for … Delayed maturation of fruits and vegetables Disrupted cows Public work productivity declines Increased electrical consumption Construction degradation 5 to 10% drop in tourist reservations Decline in […]

Behold the Trading Avalanche Unleashed by the Chicago PMI Headline

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. As most know, the whopping beat of a Chicago PMI print that was made public at 9:45 am was first released to subscribers – read HFT trading firms – some three minutes earlier. Remember: Chicago is located about a 100 miles from Milwaukee, whose […]

No science behind blood-type diets

In case you didn't know already, fad "Blood Type Diets" never made any sense or had any scientific support. Excerpt from No science behind blood-type diets: But no peer-reviewed research has indicated that eating foods supposedly compatible with one's blood type will improve health or induce weight loss more than a general diet plan. Medical professionals […]

Consumer Metrics Institute: “Is it 2007 once again?”

Courtesy of John Rubino. The Consumer Metrics Institute is out with commentary on the latest GDP revision. Here’s an excerpt:  As we noted last month, on the surface a 2.38% annualized growth rate at nearly full four years into a recovery is good news — and a growth rate that many other global economies would […]

When a Great Company is NOT a Good Stock

When a Great Company is NOT a Good Stock Don’t get confused: a good company may not translate into a good stock. A good company trading at an extended price is not a great stock – watch valuation, buy bargains. Video by Paul Price When a Great Company is NOT a Good Stock (video) Stocks […]

Being Bernanke – The Game

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. Think it's easy printing green? Believe you could do a better job than our illustrious bubble-blower-in-chief? The WSJ has created 'The Federator' in what we assume is a qualifying process for a Federal Reserve career. On an otherwise quiet day in equity and bond […]

Buy and Sell… or Trade?

Buy and Sell… or Trade? By Paul Price This video was made in late 2011, but is still relevant. Example stock is Aqua America Inc. (WTR), currently trading at $31.60. It’s P/E now is about 21.5.   

Simmering Feud Between France and Germany Erupts Into Verbal Warfare; France Tells Brussels to Shove It

Courtesy of Mish. The simmering feud between France and Germany erupted into a heated political exchange following Pressure on Hollande to take bold action to revive the French economy, calling for new pension and labour market reforms. “The commission’s list of recommendations for Paris, which it expects to be delivered in return for allowing France […]

Trickle Down Works: UBS Joins Federal Reserve In Hiking Banker Salaries By 9%

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. A week ago we reported that despite making 50% less money for the Treasury in the first quarter, the hedge fund formerly known as the Federal Reserve was generous enough to hike the salaries of its employees by a (true inflation indexed?) 11.7%. It […]

Shuanghui Agrees to Buy Smithfield for $4.7 Billion

Shuanghui Agrees to Buy Smithfield for $4.7 Billion  BY MICHAEL J. DE LA MERCED AND DAVID BARBOZA Demand for pork in China reflects its booming economy and rising middle class. But that rapidly growing appetite has strained its food production systems, leading to breakdowns and a number of food safety scandals. Now China’s biggest pork producer, seeking plentiful […]

The Misleading Media & the Market

The Misleading Media & the Market By Dr. Paul Price   The Media can Mislead You – Dr. Paul Price

Jay Sekulow, Suing the IRS for Freedom Loving Tea Party, Says He Helped Write the USA Patriot Act

Courtesy of Pam Martens. Jay Sekulow, Champion of Freedom and the Tea Party, Says He Helped Write the USA Patriot Act Jay Sekulow is all about freedom and liberty – for some. He’s not a fan of a woman’s right to the control of her own body. He’s been a major litigator on behalf of abortion […]

Volcker Sends Warning Shot to Fed, Wall St, and DC Recommended

Courtesy of Larry Doyle. In what can only be described as a Sense on Cents Instant Classic, perhaps the most highly respected chair in the history of the Federal Reserve, that being Paul Volcker, delivered a tremendous address yesterday at the Economic Club of New York. For anybody who cares about the well being of […]

EU Requires Spain to Raise Vat

Courtesy of Mish. The last thing a country in recession should do is raise taxes. Well, Spain is in a depression, not a recession yet the EU requires Spain to raise the VAT and lower pension benefits within a year. One year. That is the time that the government has to undertake major reforms. The […]

Let’s All Go Medieval

Let's All Go Medieval Courtesy of James Howard Kunstler      That voice! All a'quiver with the dread of self-knowledge that it is confabulating a story, much like the "money" that his Open Market Committee spins out of the increasingly carbonized air. His words fill the vacuum of the collectively blank American mind, where hopes […]

Average I.Q. in Congress Expected to Rise in 2015

CONGRESS’S AVERAGE I.Q. EXPECTED TO RISE IN 2015 POSTED BY ANDY BOROWITZ WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The average I.Q. of a member of the House of Representatives is expected to rise sharply in 2015, experts said today. The experts, who indicated that they were “cautiously optimistic” about the development, said that the gains were most likely […]

Sean Corrigan: “Abenomics Is Riddled With Inconsistencies”

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. Abenomics is riddled with inconsistencies. He wants the world's biggest bond market to sit still while he tells them they are going to lose money year-after-year (if his inflation goals are met). He wants to spark a renaissance by lowering the JPY and creating […]

Volcker On Bernanke’s Grand Monetary Experiment: “Good Luck In That”

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. A week ago, in a very comic interlude, the hawkish head of the only G-7 country to have experienced hyperinflation in the recent past – Bundesbank's Jens Weidmann – had some sobering words of encouragement for his Japanese colleague Kuroda: "I wish them luck […]