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Matt Taibbi Asks Why Obama’s Regulatory Strategy in Reforming the Banks Is Such a Joke

Matt Taibbi Asks Why Obama's Regulatory Strategy in Reforming the Banks Is Such a Joke Courtesy of Jesse's Cafe Americain       I was glad to see someone talk about this, because for whatever reason I did not see a strong reaction in the media to this arrogant defiance by the board of JPM. […]

ADT’s Earnings Report – Not Really Alarming

ADT's Earnings Report – Not Really Alarming Courtesy of Paul Price, Market Shadows When others panic, we see opportunity. Market Shadows established a new short put position today on home security company ADT Corporation (ADT).   ADT was spun off from Tyco International (TYC) on Sep. 28, 2012.  It has traded independently on the NYSE since […]

Stocks for 2014: Fairly Valued Dividend Growth Stocks with an Emphasis on Dividends – Part 4

Courtesy of Chuck Carnevale. Introduction I am a firm believer that common stock portfolios should be custom-designed to meet each unique individual’s goals, objectives and risk tolerances.  With that said, I believe it logically follows that in order to create a successful portfolio, the individual investor must first conduct some serious introspection to be sure […]

You’ll Never Grow Rich Taking A Profit

You'll Never Grow Rich Taking A Profit Courtesy of Psy-Fi Blog “I made up my mind to be wise and play carefully, conservatively. Everybody knew that the way to do that was to take profits and buy back your stocks on reactions. And that is precisely what I did, or rather what I tried to […]

Spain Misses Watered-Down Budget Deficit Targets Yet Again

Courtesy of Mish. When you are about to miss budget targets, the easy thing to do is lower the bar, again and again until you can hit them. Spain did just that, and still missed. Via translation from Libre Mercaado, please consider Spain Misses Budget Deficit Target for 2013. Treasury announced a deficit of 5.44% […]

Dear Twitter-Based Newsletter Sellers: The SEC Is After You

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. Now that Twitter is officially the second coming of Yahoo Finance message boards, the inundation with offers from clueless hacks who have nothing better to do than sell you $29.95 newsletters with guaranteed get rich quick schemes (one has to be so grateful for […]

Housing Bubble 2.0: “More Flipping, Bigger Profits, in Less Time” with 156,862 Homes Flipped in 2013

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. Late 2013 pending home sales may have been horrible, and were blamed on the weather (though as even Goldman notes "The broad-based declines by region suggest that colder-than-average weather was likely not the primary driver, given slightly warmer-than-average temperatures on the Pacific coast in […]

MyRA: Making President Obama’s New Retirement Account Work for You and Not Wall Street

Courtesy of Pam Martens. President Obama Signs the Presidential Memorandum Creating the MyRA at U.S. Steel in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania on January 29, 2014 Yesterday, the White House transported a little cherry table with the Presidential seal for a signing event in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. President Obama was visiting workers at a U.S. Steel Corporation […]

What’s Going On: Market Pullback, Pump ‘n Dump?

Courtesy of Larry Doyle. The consensus opinion by most market strategists coming into the year was that our equity markets would follow up the 25-30% gains of 2013 with another 8-10% gain this year. The markets will have to experience a hellacious rally in the next two trading days or make an exception to an […]

China Manufacturing Back in Contraction, Staffing Declines at Sharpest Pace Since March 2009.

Courtesy of Mish. The HSBC China Manufacturing PMI shows China manufacturing is back in contraction, following six months of barely positive growth. Key points Growth of output eases to marginal pace Quickest rate of job shedding since March 2009 Marked falls in input costs and output charge January data signalled a deterioration of operating conditions […]

California Students File Constitutional Challenge to Teacher Firing Practices; Unions are the Child Molester’s Best Friend

Courtesy of Mish. Three cheers for a group of nine California students who are fed up with tenure rules that protect not only incompetent teachers, but also sexual predators. Reuters reports California students challenge teacher employment rules in lawsuit. A group of nine California students will challenge employment rules they complain force public schools in […]

What’s Happening?

By Ilene In its first unanimous decision since 2011, the Federal Reserve announced another $10 billion cut in its monthly bond purchases. It attributed the decision to the “growing underlying strength in the broader economy.” Read the statement (Citing Growth, Fed Again Cuts Monthly Bond Purchases). As a result of the committee's action to reduce quantitative easing […]

Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves?

Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves? Courtesy of Michael Snyder Bankers committing suicide by jumping from the rooftops of their own banks is something that we think of when we think of the Great Depression. Well, it just happened in London, England. A vice president at JPMorgan's European headquarters in London plunged to his death […]

Humorous Reporting Regarding Effect of Tapering on US Treasuries; Robotic “Righting”

Courtesy of Mish. I happen to like US treasuries on the basis the economy is slowing much more than anyone thinks. Short-term, who knows? Certainly not those who intend to call every uptick or downtick as if it’s meaningful, especially on days of economic news, like today. Here is an image that shows what I […]

Hilsenrath’s 729 Word FOMC Post-Mortem (In Under 2 Minutes)

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. It took Hilsenrath 2 minutes after the FOMC announcement to release the following 729 word analysis of what Bernanke just did. The punchline: "Overall, the Fed changed very little in its statement from the previous month. Neither a disappointing December jobs report nor recent […]

How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal

Credit uncertain.   

Where is US Foreign Policy these Days?

Where is US Foreign Policy these Days? Courtesy of Claude Salhani of There is a remarkable absence of a comprehensive US foreign policy in the Middle East with the Obama administration missing the beat on just about every major event in the region. Concentrated US presence is missing in Syria, where the civil war has […]

Cambridge University Study Calls For Increased Taxation Of Fracking Companies

Courtesy of Joao Peixe of A new study from the University of Cambridge has suggested that any companies attempting to frack for shale gas in the UK should be forced to pay £6 billion a year by the mid 2020’s in extra taxes that will compensate for the damage to the environment caused by the sectors activities. […]

Disgusting Compromise on $956B Farm Bill; In Spite of Massive Howls, No Actual Cuts in Food Stamps

Courtesy of Mish. Proving that neither party really wants to do anything about escalating costs of anything, in typical D.C. compromise action, the House Passes $956B Farm Bill in a bipartisan vote. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) all voted for the bill. Democrats are […]

Commodities Falling Despite QE: What Does That Mean?

Commodities Falling Despite QE: What Does That Mean? "Charts tell the truth. Let's look at some charts." ~ Robert Prechter By Elliott Wave International During QE3, the latest round of the Fed's quantitative easing, the stock market rose. We all know that. But did you also know that commodities fell? That's right: QE3 had zero […]

Gold and Silver Ready To Rumble Higher?

Gold and Silver Ready To Rumble Higher? Courtesy of David A Banister at We have been writing about the bottoming process of the Gold Bear Cycle (Elliott Wave Theory) since December 4th 2013, and our most recent article on December 26th reiterated that the best time to accumulate the Gold/Silver stocks was in the December and January […]

Bought the Dip & Sold a Put

Bought the Dip & Sold a Put by Dr. Paul Price of Market Shadows Market Shadows' Virtual Value Portfolio has been active this morning. Today’s weak opening gave us the chance to put some capital back to work. We picked up 130 shares of good-yielding food service provider Sysco (SYY) @ $35.09, and 300 shares of slot machine […]

California Water Synopsis: Water Woes Just Beginning or About to End? Good News for California?

Courtesy of Mish. Leaving aside religious debates on global warming, UC Berkeley professor B. Lynn Ingram says California water woes could be just beginning. As 2013 came to a close, the media dutifully reported that the year had been the driest in California since records began to be kept in the 1840s. UC Berkeley paleoclimatologist […]

SocGen Takes Its Morning After Mea Culpa Pill

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. From the analyst (SocGen's Benoit Anne) who just over 12 hours ago (despite our various caveats) said this… Hats Off To The CBRT The CBRT did not disappoint tonight. The CBRT just announced a massive 425bp rate hike. Governor Basci, you have avoided a […]