PBS Frontline: Secrets of The Vatican

Courtesy of Larry Doyle.

I could not possibly recommend more strongly the viewing of this recently released documentary on PBS Frontline. The issues addressed are almost too numerous to properly categorize, but at the core is scandal and corruption at the highest level of the Catholic Church.

I will pray for Pope Francis that he is successful in cleansing the church of those deeply ensconced within it who have engaged in corruptible practices.

The comments attached to this documentary are also worth reviewing. I found this one to be of particular interest:

A remarkable program about the Vatican. We need a similar one on Wall Street, the US Congress and the United Nations.

I thought of INTOXICATION stemming from SEX, MONEY, SUBSTANCES, POWER, RELIGION and KNOWLEDGE. It would be a mistake to see all that this great Television exposed without some introspection on intoxication and what we encounter before a mirror.

The documentary runs for about 80 minutes. I hope those navigating these parts will find the time to view it and share it.

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