Investing is a Bizarro World

By Paul Price of Market Shadows

Bizzaro World Comic cover

Three separate brokerage firms decided Boardwalk Pipeline Partners (BWP) had risen enough to finally get interested in buying again. God forbid they would have told anyone to buy near the multi-year low.

BWP upgrades  Apr. 29, 2014

The MLP’s units (similar to shares) have now gone up about 37.5% since hitting $11.99 in mid-March.

As of 3:05 PM on Tuesday BWP was trading for $16.50.

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  1. Mike McIlhinney says:

    I love those $12.50 puts reducing my basis!

  2. It would be interesting to set up a fund of stocks that did exactly the opposite of what certain analysts recommend…..


  3. I’m glad I bought it when you first recommended it

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