Zillow + Trulia and the Big Coverup

Stocklemon of Citron discusses the potential merger of the internet real estate companies Zillow and Trulia and the problems they face. ~ Ilene 

Zuliagate – The Big Secret: Citron Exposes What the Press Has Ignored

Courtesy of Citron Reports 

The stock market and the real estate industry are all abuzz about the possible merger of Zillow (NASDAQ:Z) and Trulia (NASDAQ:TRLA). The media is now filled with stories proclaiming that the combined company will instantly become an internet advertising juggernaut that wields pricing power over the entire internet real estate industry.  

You cannot read a single article or analyst commentary that doesn’t invoke the magic phrase “Pricing Power”. Without the slightest thought whatsoever, the combination of Zillow and Trulia is supposed to give the combined entity the power to triple ad revenue from real estate agents. Nothing could be further from the truth – and we have the proof. 

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