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Italy’s Unemployment Rate Unexpectedly Hits Record High 13.2%

Picture by pcdazero at Pixabay Courtesy of Mish. The string of unexpectedly bad news in the eurozone continues unabated as Italian Unemployment Rate Rises to Record, Above Forecasts. The unemployment rate rose to 13.2 percent from a revised 12.9 percent the previous month, the Rome-based national statistics office Istat said in a preliminary report today. That’s […]

Dollar Consolidation Coming to an End, Poised for New Leg Up

Courtesy of Marc To Market The US dollar has been consolidating for the past couple of weeks, and that phase appears to be coming to an end. Next week's economic data and events will likely underscore the divergent theme, which works in the dollar's favor.   We do not expect the ECB to announce a sovereign bond […]

OPEC Presents: QE4 And Deflation

Courtesy of Raúl Ilargi Meijer of Automatic Earth NPC Thanksgiving turkeys for the President Nov 26 1929 Thinking plummeting oil prices are good for the economy is a mistake. They instead, as I said only yesterday in The Price Of Oil Exposes The True State Of The Economy point out how bad the global economy is doing. QE […]

Black Friday And The ‘Ferguson’ Effect

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. Of the 10 days on which the FBI has conducted the most background checks since December 1998, two are the last two Black Fridays. As WaPo reports, it's not just Best Buy and JCPenney that sees throngs of Americans herding hungirly in anticipation of […]

Crude Oil Slides to Multi Year Lows and What to Expect

Crude Oil Slides to Multi Year Lows and What to Expect Courtesy of Chris Vermeulen Looking back to 2007 (seven years ago) we have seen the price of crude oil perform incredible price swings. No matter the time frame in which we observe price when an extreme price spike takes place due to news/event, statistics […]

Italy’s Temporary “Glass Half Full” Insanity

  Picture by Alois_Wonaschuetz at Pixabay Italy's Temporary "Glass Half Full" Insanity Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Yesterday it was the French, with record high unemployment and record low bond yields. Today, it is the turn of the Italians as the unemployment rate rose to 13.2% – the highest since records began – as […]

“An Unstoppable Zombie Holiday” – Humanity Shudders As America Exports Black Friday To the World

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Because nothing gives "Thanks" like Americans fighting over things they don't need… Exhibit 1: Doorbuster deals at a Wal-Mart in Michigan City, Indiana, had shoppers literally stealing items from other people’s carts. Things appeared to get a little out of hand Thursday night, as shoppers swarmed the Wal-Mart […]

The First Oil-Exporting Casualty Of The Crude Carnage: Venezuela

  #485956561 / Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. In the aftermath of OPEC's failure to cut oil production, Russia has been acting surprisingly sanguine, perhaps as a result of less leverage in its system as compared to America's own high yield-funded shale complex – now that it is a race to who […]

How Bloomberg’s Algo-Writers Serve The Cult Of Keynesian Central Banking

Courtesy of David Stockman via Contra Corner blog If you ever needed proof that the financial press has been completely indoctrinated in the cult of Keynesian central banking consider the attached Bloomberg note on the recent tiny decline in Chinese industrial company profits. Without breaking for anything more than a comma, its hapless Hong Kong stringer, one Malcolm Scott, conjoined the […]

Conflicting Shopping Headlines: NY Times “Brisk Sales”, Yahoo “Black Friday Shopping Crowds Thin”

  Picture by William Banzai 7 Conflicting Shopping Headlines: NY Times "Brisk Sales", Yahoo "Black Friday Shopping Crowds Thin" Courtesy of Mish. Here's a pair of conflicting stories regarding Black Friday shopping. Crowds Thin Yahoo!Finance reports Black Friday Shopping Crowds Thin After Thanksgiving Rush. Mall crowds were relatively thin early on Black Friday in a […]

Japan Household Spending Down 4%, CPI Drops to 0.9%; Bankruptcies Soar in Yen Collapse

Courtesy of Mish. In spite of the Yen falling 35% since 2011, Japan once again borders on deflation. Please consider Japan’s CPI falls to 0.9%. Japanese core inflation last month fell below 1 per cent to a 13 month low, just weeks before prime minister Shinzo Abe heads to the polls to garner fresh support […]

Crude Plunges Following OPEC Decision to Not Cut Production

Courtesy of Mish. For five consecutive months OPEC produced over its alleged quota. Nonetheless, and in spite of falling prices and pleas from Venezuela to restrict production, OPEC decided to take no action. In the wake of the news, West Texas Intermediate plunged nearly 7% and Brent fell over 8%. WTI Crude Futures Brent Crude […]

“Panicking” Ukrainians Face Soaring Prices, Warn “Inflation Is War”

Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. With Ukraine, according to President Poroshenko, on the verge of World War III, it appears the people of the divided nation face another all too familiar war… on their living standards. As Hyrvnia continues to collapse to record-er lows, Ukraine's Central Bank warns of […]

5 Things To Ponder: Tryptophan Induced Coma

Courtesy of Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management Since this is Thanksgiving, I want to offer my thanks to you for your readership over the past year. Your comments, suggestions, and debates have been a great source of education and affirmation for me. Thank you. As we prepare for the annual food fest, and post-Thanksgiving tryptophan-induced […]

Irrational Exuberance – Descriptive Superlatives’ Exhaustion Point Is Reached

Irrational Exuberance – Descriptive Superlatives' Exhaustion Point Is Reached Courtesy of Pater Tenebrarum of Acting Man Positioning Indicators at New Extremes We are updating our suite of sentiment data again, mainly because it is so fascinating that a historically rarely seen bullish consensus has emerged – after a rally that has taken the SPXup by slightly over 210% from […]

The American Winship Goes On and On

Joshua Brown has a Happy T. Day message for his readers, which includes us.  The American Winship Goes On and On Courtesy of Joshua M Brown, The Reformed Broker WSJ: The economy expanded at its fastest pace in more than a decade during the spring and summer, showing the U.S. has strengthened its economic footing despite […]

Big Banks Take Huge Stakes In Aluminum, Petroleum and Other Physical Markets … Then Manipulate Their Prices

Big Banks Take Huge Stakes In Aluminum, Petroleum and Other Physical Markets … Then Manipulate Their Prices Courtesy of Washington's Blog Giant Banks Take Over Real Economy As Well As Financial System … Enabling Manipulation On a Vast Scale Top economists, financial experts and bankers say that the big banks are too large … and their very […]

The Price Of Oil Exposes The True State Of The Economy

Courtesy of The Automatic Earth Jack Delano Cafe at truck drivers’ service station on U.S. 1, Washington DC Jun 1940 We should be glad the price of oil has fallen the way it has (losing another 6% today as I write this). Not because it makes the gas in our cars a bit cheaper, that’s […]

The Sellside Chimes In On The Crude Crush: “This Will Reverberate For Years”

  #459294512 / Courtesy of ZeroHedge. View original post here. Submitted by Tyler Durden. The sell-side is worried… SocGen's head of oil research Mike Wittner warns "this will reverberate for years"… (via Bloomberg) OPEC decision to keep output target is "unambiguously bearish," "We are entering a new era for oil prices, where the market […]

“Neutrality” Gone Mad: Should GM Have to Promote Toyota?

Courtesy of Mish. The EU's attempt to breakup Google gets more absurd by the day. I wrote about this just yesterday in Google vs. Sun vs. France: Too Big, Too Powerful, Too Free. I have a few more EU proposals regarding Google worth discussing, but first I have a few questions: In the name of […]

The Brutal Monotony of All Time Highs

The Brutal Monotony of All Time Highs Courtesy of Joshua M Brown There’s only one subtle joke in the film Anchorman and it involves the fact that the San Diego news team’s weather man has a sub-100 IQ. In a city where “72 and sunny” is the forecast 365 days a year, even Brick Tamland has no problem reliably […]

Stock Manipulation 101: Using Stock Buybacks to Mask Deep Business Problems

Connecting the Dots: Stock Manipulation 101: Using Stock Buybacks to Mask Deep Business Problems By Tony Sagami Stock buybacks are always a good thing… right? That’s what the mass media has trained investors to believe, but there are times when stock buybacks are a horrible strategy. Let’s take a look at Herbalife, which has had […]

Thanksgiving Travel Nightmare: Over 700 Flights Canceled, Major Storms; Black Friday Ice; Please Drive Safely

Courtesy of Mish. If you are traveling tonight or tomorrow, please take extra time. If you are traveling by plane, please check your flight schedule. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled, thousands of other flights delayed. Thanksgiving Travel Nightmare Accuweather reports Snowstorm Creates Thanksgiving Travel Nightmare in East A snowstorm pummeling the East has produced […]

Did Bernanke Really Save The World?

Did Bernanke Really Save The World? Courtesy of Lee Adler of Wall Street Examiner Ben Bernanke and his teenaged Wall Street media groupies like to claim that he saved the world with QE. But if QE was such a cure-all why has the “recovery” in Japan and Europe been so weak? The ECB printed money out […]