Financial Blogger Profile of “Mish” on Equities.Com

Courtesy of Mish.

Daniel Banas at Equities.Com interviewed me last week via phone for their profile series on “the most distinct and noteworthy voices in the world of financial blogging.”

The interview transcript follows. First a few words …

I am honored to be on that list.

The interview kicked off with a question on how I got started. I have commented on this before, but the short story is I was out of work, hanging around stock message boards, and Bill McBride (Calculated Risk) created the first template to my blog. Bill had just started his own blog and within a few years we became two of the top three economic blogs in the US.   

Somewhere along the line Barry Rithotz at the Big Picture Blog discovered me, frequently linking back to my blog. I like to mention those who have helped me out, even if we have recent differences of opinion on various issues.

Of the three top bloggers (not counting syndicates like Paul Krugman, or multiperson sites), Calculated Risk or Ritholtz typically held the top spot, but on a few occasions, I did.

Tweet From Barry

Today, Barry was nice enough to tweet “Nice Profile of Mike Shedlock (@MishGEA) at Global Financial Community“.

Thanks Barry. Appreciated. Here is a link to Mish Profile on Equities.Com.

Interview with Daniel Banas

EQ: What inspired you to start Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis?

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