Right-to-Work Sweeps Midwest, Heads for Passage in Wisconsin

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Right-to-Work legislation is sweeping the Midwest. It’s one of many reforms needed to makes states more competitive, reduce cost pressures on infrastructure projects, and hold down the necessity of tax hikes.

Today the Wisconsin Senate Passed ‘Right to Work’ Legislation.

The proposal would let workers opt out of paying mandatory dues. Many would do just that, preferring to keep money for themselves rather than for the priorities of union officials, including corruption, graft, and various political goals that workers may not at all agree with.

The Wisconsin House of representatives is expected to approve the legislation making passage all but certain.

His staff issued this statement “Governor Walker continues to focus on budget priorities to grow our economy and to streamline state government. Governor Walker co-sponsored right-to-work legislation as a lawmaker and supports the policy. If this bill makes it to his desk, Governor Walker will sign it into law.”

Illinois Again Lags Neighboring States

Unfortunately, and as typical, Illinois lags other Midwest stated in passing much-needed legislation.

I wrote about that on Febuary 11, in my first article for the Illinois Policy Institute. Let’s recap Missing the Boat on Right-to-Work.

Illinois Chamber Misses the Boat on Right-to-Work

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce recently took interesting, as well as contradictory, positions regarding the minimum wage and Right-to-Work legislation.

On one hand, the chamber is not in favor of minimum-wage hikes for Illinois. On the other, the chamber says “Illinois doesn’t need right to work (laws) to compete with its neighbors.

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