Costco vs. Walmart and Reader Responses Over Minimum Wage

Courtesy of Mish.

I received lots of emails and blog comments to my article Reader Question: Is the Minimum Wage Really a Maximum Wage?

In regards to living wage Tesla responded …

You clearly have never run a business. if your employees are not able to live , or more importantly , just having living problems in general : they are 1) not going to work hard for you sometimes 2) might steal from you 3) might destroy your business property or otherwise not protect it from other thieves.

Quite frankly, that is ridiculous. If you are concerned your employees will steal from you or destroy your property, you should not hire them in the first place.

And if someone is worth more than the minimum wage and you are afraid they will go elsewhere, then you pay more than the minimum wage.

Look at McDonalds’s or Walmart. Did they suffer massive theft or property destruction by employees?

Both recently raised their base pay scale. Why? Because they could not attract a good work force at the wage they were paying. This is how it should work, not by living wage nonsense. 

Carl responded …

Another important thing to remember about the minimum wage is that it removes from the workforce all those that are not worth the minimum wage. With a minimum wage, such persons automatically become government dependent.”

Yep, exactly.

Ron …

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