Chicago’s Sheep Dogs Approve Mayor’s Tax on Sheep; Quote of the Day “It’s Not a Piece of Art”

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“It’s Not a Piece of Art”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s master shepherd, along with his pack of aldermatic sheep dogs, successfully rounded up, then slaughtered the very Chicago taxpayers they were supposed to watch over.

After slaughtering Chicago’s sheep with the largest tax hike in history, Emanuel commented “It’s Not a Piece of Art“.

Amen to that. Slaughters generally aren’t a piece of art.

Aldermatic Sheep Approve Emanuel’s Tax Hike

Crain’s Chicago Business reports Emanuel Gets His Huge Property Tax Hike.

The City Council has approved Mayor Emanuel’s bad-news city budget, including plans for a record $543 million city property tax hike over the next four years.

The action came on a voice vote after a relatively tepid two-hour debate. But aldermen did take a roll-call vote on the related appropriation of funds for 2016, and it was approved 36-14.

“No, it’s not a piece of art,” Emanuel told the council. “But are we better off? Yes.”

Question of the Day

Who is better off? The sheep dogs, those in bed with the mayor, the public unions, or the slaughtered sheep?

Expect More Torture

Those who survive the slaughter can expect still more torture….

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