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This happens all the time

Here’s a very good article by Joshua Brown, who sends you to another article by Michael Batnick, the Irrelevant Investor. Today, Michael writes It Was The Best of Days, It Was The Worst of Days, which I also recommend reading. This happens all the time Courtesy of Joshua Brown, The Reformed Broker What’s taking people’s breath away about this […]

Turnaround Tuesday (in the Stock Market)?

Turnaround Tuesday? Checking Those Bounce Lines Courtesy of Phil of Phil’s Stock World Well, it’s been a rotten month. All of our sectors are down, other than Utilities, and they are still down 3.4% over the last 6 months so that’s only a strong bounce (40% of the drop) in that sector anyway.  Still, it’s […]

A Market of Bears

A Market of Bears By Ilene We’re already in a bear market, but don’t panic. Stock markets go up, down and sideways. The declines can be minor (corrections) or severe (bears!!). The most significant declines are called “bears” because they feel a little like being mauled by a bear. A bear market is arbitrarily defined […]