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Price Matters

Paul Price (at has been buying MCK and PRGO recently. He sends us a few charts illustrating his strategy, which is simply this: Buy solid companies when they are trading at valuations lower than their own historical averages, when the price is depressed due to market conditions, rather than serious company specific problems. These stocks also present excellent […]

Tell me when the dollar rally ends, I’ll tell you when EM starts working again

Tell me when the dollar rally ends, I’ll tell you when EM starts working again Courtesy of Joshua Brown A really simple chart that illustrates an incredibly powerful trend. Emerging markets have been atrocious investments for almost 7 full years now. To me, it’s almost entirely a dollar phenomenon. The theory is that strength in […]

Complete and Utter Scam: Oil Prices

Phil’s article below was from yesterday morning, before today’s big spike in oil prices (2-12-16). He follows up on Oil Fears Spook Investors (Again), from Monday. Why is oil currently up almost 12%? “US crude surges as much as 12% on output-cut hopes.”  (Screenshot: Yahoo’s chart) Markets Collapse as Sweden goes Negative & Oil Spills Over From Thursday’s article […]

Oil Fears Spook Investors (Again)

Oil Fears Spook Investors (Again) From Phil Davis’s Monday article at Phil’s Stock World “We should all fear Oilmageddon!”  That’s the word from CitiBank, which is SUPPOSED to be the voice of reason in these markets. When Banksters tell us to get out of something – it’s usually time to get in. Nattering Naybob had a very […]

Pros and Cons of Obama’s $10 Barrel Oil Tax

Assuming you own some stocks, it’s probably a good idea to distract yourself and avoid headlines this weekend. For instance, 22 Signs That The Global Economic Turmoil We Have Seen So Far In 2016 Is Just The Beginning, The rout could continue next week. Here’s why, and Citi: World economy trapped in ‘death spiral’. Although this one’s interesting. […]