Virtual Value Portfolio

The Market Shadows Virtual Value Portfolio was started on October 26, 2012 with a balance of $100,000. We initially opened 23 positions, with approximately $3,000 allocated to each one. 


  • Most positions were started with about $3,000 worth of shares. Occasionally, we purchase  more stock to increase our position.
  • The maximum invested in a single stock was initially about $5,000. Subsequent market action may increase the value of our position. The intent is to limit our individual stock allocations to no greater than 5% of our portfolio’s total value. 
  • Changes to the portfolio are first posted on the website, and later reviewed in the Market Shadows newsletter. Check the website for timely notice of changes to the portfolio.

Please check the Value Investing Section for Market Shadow’s latest actions. For current positions and our track record, visit the Virtual Value Portfolio page